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" We have had the pleasure of having Susan in our home to share her knowledge of Feng Shui. Susan explained all avenues and answered all questions making it easy to understand and reasons to protect your house and self. This is our third year of using WebTappers for Feng Shui. Over the years I had contacted Susan if there was something I wasn't sure about. Susan either came to our house or explained to me in a clear manner. Susan is pleasant and professional and puts a lot into monthly reports. "

Marilyn H. ~ Mar. 2021

Retiree (Mount Hutton, NSW, Australia)

" Susan provided us contemporary and down-to-earth Feng Shui advice to attract positive energy, harmony, good health and success to our home and offices. She's practical, sincere and honest with her advice. I would highly recommend Susan as a brilliant Feng Shui consultant. "

Greg H. ~ Aug. 2019

NTPC (Cardiff South, NSW, Australia)

" We had the priviledge to see Susan Gemayel-Tapper from WebTappers last week. Aside from her successful website developing business, she's also a Feng Shui consultant. She came over and looked at our business premises and private property. Feng Shui is working with things as they are to try to enhance your life by bringing it into harmony and balance with its surroundings, and does this through the numerous but equally important principles of Feng Shui. Susan has demonstrated her expertise on Feng Shui, it's rules, how it works, its principles and which is good or bad Feng Shui. She was very nice to talk to and she explained everything to us. Then the following day, she provided us with a comprehensive report. We will not hesitate to refer her to our family, friends and associates. "

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Lauren H. ~ Aug. 2019

Spiffy Promo & Wear (Cardiff South, NSW, Australia)

" I retired to Warners Bay from Sydney in 2018. My health had not improved as l would have hoped with the sea change. Having coffee with a friend, she suggested I consult Susan about Feng Shui my apartment. Although not into Feng Shui myself l was happy to give it a go. A few months down the track and l am happy to say my health and vitality have returned, the future looks a lot brighter. l am now a Feng Shui believer and look forward to my next Feng Shui chart from Susan. "

Frances Ann J. ~ Jan. 2019

Retiree (Warners Bay, NSW, Australia)

" I have been privileged to know Susan for many years and like many others have regularly sought her Feng Shui advice, including in the design of our new house and now her personal annual Feng Shui reports. I am so excited that she is growing this part of her business as this will enable people the world over to benefit from her knowledge, skills and insight (just like me). I recently acquired my personal Feng Shui report and it is exactly what I needed in time for the Chinese New Year; including essential information on luck for 2019, good and bad directions, monthly forecasts and my key days of the week. This professional report is an amazing time saver with Susan having done all the hard work including making the information easy to read and to implement. I highly recommend Susan from Webtappers for your Feng Shui needs. "

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Nic A. ~ Jan. 2019

Chief Engineer (Gosford, NSW, Australia)

" Honest and detailed advice on how to set up peaceful and positive energy at home and working environment. Friendly service giving professional advice at all times. I have to say I was not fully convinced when I started with Feng Shui but after carefully following instructions and advice, I would recommend this service to everyone. It has changed me into a more successful, peaceful and happy person. Thank you. "

Lesley G. ~ Jan. 2019

Retiree (Conisbrough, UK)

" I was sceptical at first when I read Susan's Feng Shui chart, especially about moving furniture and not sitting in my "bad" directions. She asked me to try it for a month and see what happened. I did. I am so glad I did! I was approached by a senior member of staff about moving careers. I always wanted a career in HR! I got the temporary position, was then offered a permanent position. Within 3 months I was promoted! All because I followed Susan's charts and advice. I'm so glad I did! My life has had less obstacles and I feel I am in control of my life. Not to mention the good things keep coming! Thank you Susan for introducing me to Feng Shui! Thank you for changing my life! I look forward to your continued guidance! "

Dia G. ~ Dec. 2018

HR Team Leader (Doncaster, UK)

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